Next Meeting of Mount Carmle will be the 4th Tuesday of January-January 27 at 19:00
then we will have the Berl Herman Lecture given this year by Worshipful Brother Yashar Carraso

This coming Sunday December 28 Mount Carmel will have 2 meetings the early one to vote on a candidate. The second one to initiate 2 candidates , one voted on earlier this month . The second meeting will be at 19:00 in the Haifa Masonic Temple. Please get in touch with the WM so we can reserve you a place at the White table.

Just a reminder that this evening therer will be two meetings of Mount Carmel. Planned for 16:00 please contact me for the exact time. The first meeting will be voting for 2 candidates and at 19:00 the iniitation regular meeting will begin. The two regular meetings will be at the Haifa Masonc Temple at 119 Hanasee Street Haifa

There will be GPC meeting at 18:00 in the lodge on July 28 to plan the Barbeque.

We are glad to announce that we will have a Barbeque Party at Atara and Abie Meyer home in Tirat HaCarmel.

58a, Shikun Amidar
Tirat Hacarmel