Harold Dresner z"l (RIP)

Born 1927 in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England.
He qualified as a dentist & practiced in Newcastle where he also served as a magistrate until he immigrated to Israel in 1978.

Harold was a Lewis & in the 1960's he joined his father's lodge in Newcastle where he went on to eventually serves as W.M. When I recently visited him after the recent death of his grand daughter, he told me with considerable relish how he would visit sister lodges in the villages around Newcastle where they warmly welcomed him –with a greeting- here comes Harold bring out the fish!
He worked as a dentist in Rehovot & when he moved with his wife June to Carmiel in 1990 ,
Soon after with 3 other brethren from Carmiel, he became a regular visitor at our lodge & eventually affiliated to Mount Carmel Lodge.
I shall always remember his pearl's of wisdom as chaplain, preceptor & also his amusing stories at the White table.
During his retirement he became active as a consultant in business education, becoming a member of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing & in 2003 published a book "The tools of her trade –a successful guide for women"
He was also active in Carmiel working as a volunteer teaching English as well as in the local synagogue where he was a corner stone of the daily minyan.
He was devoted to his family especially his wife June who had recently been unwell and sadly, the recent loss of his 21 year old grand daughter in a traffic accident was all too much for him as he passed away within a few hours of being admitted to hospital.
יהי זיכרון ברוך
W.M. Bro. Maurice Hyman 19th February, 2008.