W.Bro. Gerald Berkow z"l

Gerry Berkow was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1923.
He was brought up and educated in Pretoria. After completing his basic schooling he studied pharmacy and after qualifying he practiced as a pharmacist in Pretoria.

While working, Gerry decided to study optometry which he did, and completed his studies whilst still working as a pharmacist.
He then gave up pharmacy and started working only as an optometrist.
While still in South Africa, Gerry joined the Masonic Order.
In 1964 Gerry emigrated to Israel with his wife Mimi, and two children, and started working immediately in Haifa as an optometrist.
Soon after his arrival Gerry affiliated to this, Mount Carmel Lodge no.44, and was, until recent years, a dedicated and very regular member of this Lodge.
Gerry was elected as Master of this Lodge and served as such during the year of 1973.
Gerry was a keen golfer on his arrival to Israel, and continued playing until he became very active in the founding of the Haifa Bowling club, where he was a keen and active member until he left Haifa.
Gerry, (who was one year ahead of me on the "ladder"), was always a source of inspiration in his dedication and loyalty to the Lodges to which he belonged. Whatever he undertook to do, he did willingly and thoroughly, and was one of the most reliable masons one could hope to be associated with.
יהיה זיכרו ברוך
Jay Rosen