From theobituary of the late Jack Levinson by W.W. Br. Dov Berl Herman z"l
I first met Jack Levinson in 1946, in England .... in March 1948 he left, with his family for Haifa, after having stayed with us overnight, as by then all members of our families had become very friendly, in England, he became a member of Grays Inn Lodge E.C..

When our Grand Lodge was erected in October 1953, we were not recognized by the E.C. who informed their members accordingly and therefore he could not visit us. In the course of time they did recognize us, when Jack joined us in Mount Carmel Lodge No.44 becoming W.M. in 1972.
Jack was an expert ritualist and well informed in Masonic knowledge and history on which he gave us many lectures. He was Organist in the Lodge, but I wonder how many knew that he had a Degree in Music in addition to his Degree in Law, his being a barrister, his knowledge of languages, apart from being a devout Jew, well versed in the Bible, Talmud and Jewish religion and history.
Above all Jack was a very modest man of high principles. A man who could not suffer injustice or unfairness to anyone, was always ready to help and assist and a wonderful example to us all.