I would like to share with you all some of the comments of the Mount Carmel Brethren at the regular June meeting, 2009 . The discussion was about "What Freemasonry has done for me".


What Freemasonry has done for me :


For the moral lessons that I was able to learn from the ritual.

For the ethical philosophy and its analogy with geometry.

For the opportunity to work in a community.

For meeting many interesting people of different backgrounds but sharing the same values.

For providing me in this World full of conflict with an island of tranquility, brotherhood and warmth.

For giving me a sense of quest and need.

For bringing me back memories of my father, who was also a mason.

For focusing me on the need and the way to collect surplus possessions and distribute them to the needy.

To enable me to promote love and respect of all men as they are all human beings.

To give me the path to the eternal life.

To build a better society.

For showing me the importance of friendship and how much there is still to learn.

For opening up for me so many opportunities.

For giving me stability and a sense of coming home.

For bringing love, peace and harmony between people on a neutral basis enabling us to make charitable work together.

For the unique people, I have been able to meet in the lodge.

For giving me an opportunity to raise money and help others, leaving a good stigma wherever we move.

For enabling me to put everything into proportion in the quietness of the lodge.

For allowing me to dress up in suit, tie and apron as well as act out some of the ritual and learn from other masons whilst climbing the ladder of advancement.

To stop stealing, gambling and drinking and get away from the wife.

For helping me in a time of despair with real friendship and brotherhood.

These are the true links of our Masonic chain.