Brethren of Mount Carmel lodge #44 joined in the celebration of the Installation of the new Worshipful Master of The Lodge of the Holy City last night March 31, 2014.

A group of 10 brethren from Mount Carmel lodge #44 joined in to celebrate the installation of Brother Lahav Kisner to the seat of king Solomon in Yaakov Caspi Lodge #56 under the jurisdiction of the Grand lodge of the State of Israel, on Wednesday night March 26. We wish him all the best and Congratulate VWB Menachem Rotshtain on a job well done these past two years.

The upcoming meeting of Mount Carmel Lodge #44 on Tuesday will be at 19:00 . Worshipful Brother Joseph Ashkenazi will give a lecture on Secrecy and Freemansony". We expect visitors from overseas including Brother Chris Hansford from Antioch Brentwood lodge #175 from the California USA Grand Lodge and others.