Our March meeting was held on March 21 2017(the third Tuesday of the month).
Mr. Alexander Findlay, a "Lewis" proposed by W. Bro. Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport and seconded by W.M. Bro. David Mink and balloted for and accepted in open Lodge on 21st February 2017 was initiated into the lodge as Mount Carmel's 245th Brother in the Lodge.

march 2017

Let us keep up our momentum. We have added 4 new brethren to the lodge! Congratualtions to all the brethren that have helped!!!! Only because of the quality of our brethren will we grow we don't need and don;t want inapproprite brethren!
Do not consider bringing candidates that are not appropriate but don't be shy to present yourself as a Mason and if you see potential explain what it is for you and others be one. If they bite do not be secretive but don't be afraid we are not!
Wear your pins, meantion what the craft has done for you!
This evening I am going to Ginnasar Lodge in Tiberias to support the(Hebrew speaking) There will be a lecture about the first degree adn how to help them integrate.
Anyone interested give me a call
Brother Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport

Brethren in the Haifa Area
We have a brother from Tennesee, USA who is a sailor in the Port of Haifa that will be visiting 3 days in the area We are organizing to help him and host him Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Anyone who has time call me so we can show him around and introduce him to brethren . There are no meetings at that time. and the first day is New Years and the last day is Friday.
Call me 052-3485119

This Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 19:00 Mount Carmel Lodge #44 will have their regular meeting. Non masons and the ladies of the brethren are onvited to a lecture and discussion when the lodge is closed by Sue Loewenheim the widow of the late Brother Miki Loewewnheim "Thoughts and Reflections of a Freemason's partner of 50 years".